Our mission and values

Our mission

Provide to our clients a support, recognized expertise and innovative solutions to wood structure and framing projects, making each project unique, to the benefit of our clients.

Our values


For us, respect is not only about respecting each other. We also believe that respect must reign in our work environment. Respect for the tools and materials we use. Respect for the raw material without which we could not make your construction dreams come true. Finally, respect for the client at all times, each project requires special attention.

Our flexibility

We are open to offer you different solutions to simplify your project, take the extra step in your direction to satisfy you. We know that each project is different and our ability to adapt is always a difference maker.

Mutual help

Structurex has a few dozen employees. Although a family feeling has developed over time, we could not have gotten to where we are today without everyone getting involved. For us, mutual help is felt through the desire to help one’s neighbour, the acceptance to ask for help and to help. Carrying out a construction project does not happen alone. Don’t be surprised! We will probably need your help too.


This word is particularly close to our hearts. Pride is not only a value for us. It is an emotion that moves us all. The emotion we feel when a client is satisfied, when we go through a very busy period as a team or simply when we reach our goals. Pride is at the heart of our company and it is the value we try to bring to everyone, including our clients.


Your dream is in our hands. It is therefore our responsibility to take action to bring your project to a successful conclusion. All members of our team are responsible for doing a job that will meet our high quality standards within the agreed upon time frame. Our team members have a portion of your project in their hands and are responsible for the quality and care of that portion of the project. The reason why we emphasize responsibility is because we must trust our team and everyone helps each other to complete their responsibilities brilliantly.

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